Top Tips for Good Data Quality

Summaries: To achieve the highest quality score each course must have a summary of at least 200 characters in length, and each course must have a unique summary. The summary should provide an overview of the course content which will be useful for prospective students when making their learning choices.

Top Tip: make sure your course summary is at least 200 characters long

Unique summaries: To achieve the highest quality score each course must be unique, as well as being at least 200 characters long.

Top Tip: Make sure your course summaries are different for each course. Where courses are very similar e.g. the same subject at different levels, it only needs to be a very minor difference in the summary.

Learning Aims/QAN Codes: You can achieve a maximum score in this area by providing a Learning Aim or QAN code for each course you upload to the Provider Portal. Using a Learning Aim not only provides accurate information to the user, but also simplifies the upload process as you have fewer fields to complete.

Top Tip: Adding a Learning Aim/QAN code will pre-populate some fields on the Provider Portal to save you time.

Start dates: You are encouraged to set a specific start date for each appropriate course on the portal. This will allow users to find a course which matches their availability. In order to ensure that out-of-date courses are not displayed on the Course Directory, your quality score is penalised for courses which do not have a start date which is in the future. If a course is delivered on a roll on / roll off basis, you can use the description field instead of a specific date.

Top Tip: If your short courses run very frequently, it may be better to add a start date description rather than specific start dates. For example, “Courses start every four weeks during term time”. This will save you time and will mean that your courses don’t go out of date.

Course URLs: To help prospective students find out more information about your courses, you should include a URL which provides more detail for each course. To achieve the maximum quality score, each URL should unique to the course.

Top Tip: Use this field to direct prospective learners to the enrolment or information page specific to each course if you have one.

Entry requirements: We encourage you to include entry requirements for each course so that students can assess whether they are suitably qualified to take the course. To achieve the highest score in this section.

Top Tip: Each course must have a description of the entry requirements.