Terms and Conditions

The Chief Executive of Skills Funding (the Chief Executive) operates the National Careers Service Course Directory Provider Portal (the Service) which is the publicly funded service enabling learning providers funded by the Skills Funding Agency or the Education Funding Agency to upload information related to themselves and the courses they provide.

Providers will contribute information related to Courses for individuals aged 16-19 years and for those aged 19 years and over. This information can then be shared and re-used across Government providing valuable information to help people make informed choices about their future.

When using the National Career Service Course Directory Provider Portal you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Please:

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If you need further help, please contact the Course Directory Support Team on 0844 811 5073 or support@coursedirectoryproviderportal.org.uk,or the DfE Support Team on 0844 811 5028 or dfe.support@coursedirectoryproviderportal.org.uk.